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How Continuum PPM Supports Creative Firms

There is no shortage of marketing firms in today’s market. The advancements in processes are changing how clients budget for and spend their marketing resources. Precise real-time insights of these marketing projects are critical to making appropriate decisions that will help you maintain your competitiveness and demonstrate your service value in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Marketing firms that don’t have a streamlined structure in place to monitor project profitability are often wasting substantial marketing resources and leaking revenue.

We designed our PPM solution to meet the needs of a growing marketing firm that manages multiple projects and resources at any one time.

Empower your team to work efficiently

Deliver high-quality work on time by planning, scheduling, and tracking all of your campaigns in one place.

Monitor billable and non-billable hours with ease and see how teams are performing in real time.

Collaborate seamlessly using calendars, task lists, timesheets, and a built-in time tracker.

Perfect Reviews

“CrossConcept Continuum brings all your Project management requirements into a single app”

Perfect Reviews

“Amazing product, great for managing projects, resources & time! We would highly recommend to any business.”

Trusted By 1000's of Customers Worldwide

“I don’t think of it as just a PPM system, but rather as a business solution that enables me to manage my entire business on a daily basis. We seen a monthly calculated saving of 18.5% on-time usually spent using legacy systems, spreadsheets, and outdated methods”

Brian PavIidis, CEO

Net2Net IT Solutions

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