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5 Ways PSA Software Streamlines Business

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The Professional Services Automation (PSA) market has changed a lot over the last decade, PSA software is said to be one of the hottest technology trends in the professional services landscape. Professional Services Automation solutions can drive significant operational performance improvements to any services organization. Nearly every critical KPI can benefit from improved automation. Ranging from better project performance and increased resource leverage to improved billable utilization. 

PSA solution is the equivalent of having everything done in-house in one singular solution. All things are made by the same team with strict integration in mind, all of the most necessary components of a business are made to seamlessly combine with each other. Processes stack on top of the other and not just with great user experience and design but also through advanced real-time reporting which can be displayed and shared with the right people at the right time.

PSA software is a big step for a business that will without a doubt shift the core dynamics of your everyday business. We want to make a clear case for you on how implementing PSA software can save you time and grow your business.

How does PSA save time & money?

Everyone who is in the market for PSA software wants the answer. So, how can PSA software save time, money and grow my business? We listed 5 ways we believe PSA software can help your business grow by saving you time and money:

Using one solution to manage everything – Think about how many solutions your business uses to manage its day to day operations. This ranges from individual solutions for CRM, resource management, time tracking project management, financials and more! Calculate how much you are spending on licence fees for each solution and the time you spend re-keying data from one solution to another. PSA software contains all your information in one unified solution.

Reducing human error – Constantly re-keying data on a daily basis is guaranteed to introduce some level of errors, some may be costly, other ones just take time to fix. One unified solution where data is only entered once may not completely eliminate errors, but it will eliminate transcription errors.

Optimize your resource utilization – A PSA solution gives you insights on what your team is working on throughout each day. You can use this feature to quickly identify who is working on what is it billable or non-billable, allowing you to close the gap in revenue leakage. Normally you may wait until meetings or a weekly/monthly analysis before you know what’s going on, with PSA your resources tasks can be updated daily for review by stakeholders. Think about the amount of time you could save with this ability.

Focusing on your best clients – Using a PSA solution that shows all your revenue and cost in real-time, without any data noise, broken down by clients and projects, without any manual processing or spreadsheets, you will quickly see which clients are your cash cows and which one is draining resources time.

Automatic invoicing and insights – Using a PSA solution that automatically generates your invoices based on client projects will save you a substantial amount of time and improve the accuracy, timeliness, and speed of your invoicing process. PSA will help you notice outstanding invoices associated with clients and help you chase payments before you proceed with projects. You will no longer need to think, “Did we invoice John Doe for XY”. All your financial data is available in one solution in real-time.

Choosing the right PSA software for your organization is an important decision because you’re not just buying PSA software for what it does today, but also for how it’s likely to evolve over the next 10 years. You need to ensure your chosen solution is built on modern technologies, cloud-based and capable of evolving with your business and your needs increase.

The world’s most intuitive PSA solution is here…

CrossConcept Continuum goes beyond traditional PSA solutions available today by incorporating cutting-edge UI technology making the solution more user-friendly, resulting in fewer clicks within the solution and time spent logging data. 

CrossConcept Continuum has been built from the ground up to integrate with all major accounting systems to seamlessly synchronize projects and accounting within one unified system. Our innovative PSA solution allows organizations to maximize profitability by integrating connecting

projects and financial accounting, enabling you to manage all stages of your project from conception to completion and deliver on your promises.

CrossConcept Continuum is a simple, yet powerful PSA solution built with the end-user in mind – fast, flexible, powerful and user-friendly! We are offering all new clients a free 2-week trial with no contract obligations. This is a great opportunity for any business to try out the solution and decide if PSA software is for you!

To book a free 15-minute consultation, email: or call: 1-888-528-3898 x110.