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The Warning Signs Of PSA Software

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Professional services automation software engages the core components of a business and consolidates them into one, this allows the most necessary operations to be run through one unified solution. As PSA software becomes the heart and engine of your business, it becomes the single resource for all key operational items. Not only does PSA software organize, but it will consolidate processes, streamlining your business from top to bottom.

Many PSA solutions, such as CrossConcept Continuum have been designed with integrations into accounting software like QuickBooks and more. Not only does this create an easy trail allowing you to follow specifics of an account, but the full process can be completed in just a few simple clicks. You can see what they were billed, why they were billed, and when they were billed, within one simple intuitive solution.

So, if PSA software is cost-efficient and extremely effective, why don’t more service businesses use it? That’s a good question! At CrossConcept, we noticed a pattern that businesses in the service industry neglect to see. They are either unaware of PSA existence or they’re too busy in their current process to educate themselves on the benefits. Typically, they have been struggling in a dead-end routine using a tangled mess of spreadsheets and tracking tools. In turn, they don’t fully appreciate or understand how much time and money their business could save with a proper PSA solution in place.  

Four signs that show it’s time for PSA software…

1. You’re having trouble utilizing resources

To minimize bench time and get the right people on the right projects, you need to be able to track them. That’s going to require PSA software. Consider this, if you get one more billable hour out of your consultants every week for a year, you could significantly increase your bottom line revenue. SPI Research found that larger organizations increased billable utilization from 71% to over 75% with PSA, meaning roughly 80 additional billable hours annually per consultant. More importantly, PSA has helped increase profitability per consultant by over 200%!

2. You’re still operating on spreadsheets

Even in 2019, many businesses are managing most of their processes via spreadsheets. This technique may work well for a small business with 4 to 5 users. However, once you go above 5 users and want to operate professionally, traceability and effectively managing resources becomes impractical, messy and unprofessional without a PSA solution in place.

3. Lack of resource insights

Once a service business grows and expands, keeping track of who has what skills can be a monumental burden without an automation solution designed specifically for that task. Often, those businesses without it find themselves relying on external contractors to fill in the gaps, which increases costs while keeping revenue flat. With a PSA solution, your business has a central dashboard view of your entire organization’s resources at the touch of a button. This allows for more effective planning and bids on future projects, making staffing decisions on current tasks, and ensure that everything is done on-time and within budget.

4. You’re over-servicing clients

As a service business, your main goal is to ensure client success and satisfaction. Frequently, businesses can spend up to double their quoted time on a project in order to make sure it’s completed correctly and within a timely manner. This is not only a huge cost overrun, but it’s a lost opportunity for people that could be doing billable work on other projects. With PSA software, businesses can track not only how much a client is spending but how much work they are putting into it down to the finest details.

If you can relate to the issues above, then it’s time to consider PSA software. Regardless of the complexity of your business or the basic tools you currently use to get by, PSA software will help you streamline as a business.

The world’s most intuitive PSA solution is here…

CrossConcept Continuum goes beyond traditional PSA solutions available today by incorporating cutting-edge UI technology making the solution more user-friendly, resulting in fewer clicks within the solution and time spent logging data. 

CrossConcept Continuum has been built from the ground up to integrate with all major accounting systems to seamlessly synchronize projects and accounting within one unified system. Our innovative PSA solution allows organizations to maximize profitability by integrating connecting projects and financial accounting, enabling you to manage all stages of your project from conception to completion and deliver on your promises.MXLLS

CrossConcept Continuum is a simple, yet powerful PSA solution built with the end-user in mind – fast, flexible, powerful and user-friendly! We are offering all new clients a free 2-week trial with no contract obligations. This is a great opportunity for any business to try out the solution and decide if PSA software is for you!

To book a free 15-minute consultation, email: or call: 1-888-528-3898 x110.